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Well, hello there! 

Not many people would consider finding a 90-year-old chair an adventure. They would be wrong. It’s that chair that inspired me to create Sassy Abode.

When I discovered it, you could tell it had lived. I could imagine its history: cross-country moves, costume parties, heated dining room discussions. Some might think it was old and tired, destined for a spot in the attic next to dusty old boxes. 

But I knew it had a second wind. I envisioned what it could be with some tender loving care — and some hot pink. Shortly after, the “pink majesty” was reborn. After seeing how old could become new again, I decided to continue my journey, revitalizing antique and vintage pieces for modern living with the highest-quality fabrics and local craftsmen at the top of their game.

I believe furniture is art and that everyone deserves a magical piece that speaks to them.

Maybe you’re looking to wake up your living room or want to make your wedding really “you.” Maybe you need to breathe some new life and, most importantly, sass into your own items. Maybe you crave something that reflects your unique style or a modern heirloom to continue its journey through your family. Whatever you’re looking for, Sassy Abode has you covered. 

In love and sass,

Tracy A.
Design maven & founder of Sassy Abode


Chief Adorable Officer

Chief Adorable Officer

Chief Adorable Officer  

Chief Adorable Officer